Details of my publications, including peer-reviewed journal and conference papers and abstracts, are listed on my Google Scholar

In Medical Image Analysis, 2020 (IF=11.148)

In Neuroinformatics, 2020 (IF=5.560)

In JAMA neurology, 2018. (IF=10.270)

In Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry, 2018. (IF=8.234)


Marilena De Pian , Master student, National Technical University of Athens


Machine learning : Open-access online course offered by Coursera and Professor Andrew Ng, Stanford University.
Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition : Open-access online course (CS231n) offered by Professor Feifei Li, Stanford University.
Computational Biology: Genomes, Networks, Evolution : Open-access online course (6.047/6.878) offered by Professor Manolis Kellis, MIT.


  • Chinese: native

  • French: second-language

  • Spanish: daily-life speakable

  • English: professional


🌊 Our paper Disentangling brain heterogeneity via semi-supervised deep-learning and MRI: dimensional representations of Alzheimer's Disease is available on arXiv! - paper link

🌊 Our paper Predicting the Progression of Mild Cognitive Impairment Using Machine Learning: A Systematic, Quantitative and Critical Review has been accepted by MedIA! - paper link

🌊 Our paper Prediction of 7‐year's conversion from subjective cognitive decline to mild cognitive impairment has been accepted by Human Brain Mapping! - paper link